These are brand new Zippos choose from many different styles please specify one.

Price: $12.99

1961 10" x 13" Original Print Ad Zippo Lighter Co Bradford, PA

Price: $12.95

Rare 1996 Prototype &1997 Camel Racing Car #23 Zippo Lighter in Tins

Price: $199.95

Rare Winchester Western Advertising Wind Master brown bigelow Lighter

Price: $9.99

Authentic Must De Cartier Paris Silver Finish LIGHTER - #

Price: $265

Zippo Brit flag

Price: $34.51

ZiPPO Marlboro * PACK DESIGN * Swiss Promotion

Price: $48

Zippo plain with decal

Price: $34.51

Resin Or Coal Elephant Item a wedge style door stop looks like an Elephant Face

Price: $9.99

RONSON CLASSIC DESIGN Premier Mini Varaflame Gas Lighter Red R31-0010

Price: $75


Price: $99.99

Pocket Lighter USB Electric Dual Arc Flameless No Gas Fast Recharge Windproof

Price: $15.85

ZiPPO Marlboro Emblem * HEAVY METAL* Swiss Edition

Price: $58

Authentic Must De Cartier Lacquer &Gold Finish LIGHTER - Very Good Condition #

Price: $265

Zippo Windproof Satin Finish Chrome Lighter, # 205, New In Box

Price: $7

100x Gold Quality Flints Universal Lighter Flints Clippers Petrol Lighters

Price: $1.37

Original Zippo Premium Lighter Fuel Fluid 12Oz New Premium Can 355Ml Burn Fast

Price: $11

Zippo Lighter

Price: $8.31

420ft Spool of 100% Organic Hemp Wick, waxed by hand in the USA with grade 1.0mm

Price: $14.45

Authentic Vintage S.T. Dupont PARIS LIGHTER Gold Finish - #

Price: $250

NEW ZIPPO Lighter Bandana (2) Black Collectible Headgear Black/Red

Price: $9.99

Dual Torch Flame Insert Lighter Refillable Butane Windproof Flip Top White New

Price: $13.89

Vintage Ronson Lighter - Ivy Leaf Design - Never Used - In Original box w/ tags

Price: $50

Armor Zippo Lighter Celtic 4 sides Design Cross Gold smoke finish

Price: $126

Zippo Lighter My Neighbor Totoro Nekobasu Cat bus Studio Ghibli

Price: $150

Authentic Vintage S.T. Dupont PARIS LIGHTER Silver Finish - #

Price: $250

Kutani Japan Vintage Handpainted Porcelain Table Lighter Bamboo Birds Design

Price: $15.30

Vintage Shell Lighter Fluid Oil Oiler Can Tin

Price: $9.52

Vintage Elgin Mother Of Pearl Flint Lighter

Price: $20

Junk Drawer Vtg Lot 25+ Cigar Lighter Handkerchiefs Tobacco Tin Gunoil Can etc

Price: $8.99

Blue Chinese Dragon Electric Dual Arc Flameless Rechargeable Windproof Lighter

Price: $14.40

Camel Zippo Ligher and Ashtray Set

Price: $210

IMCO Super Triplex 6700 Black Nickel Oil Lighter Brand New

Price: $12

Ace Playing Cards Flip Top Lighter

Price: $13

Super Sonico Nitro Super Sonic Plus Japan Anime Game Oil Lighter JP Limited Rare

Price: $217

Women Lipstick Shaped Lady Cigarette Refillable Butane Torch-Lighter Gifts Hot

Price: $2.05

Tesla Coil Rechargeable USB Windproof Flameless Dual Arc Cigarette Cigar Lighter

Price: $24.97

Winston collectible "no bull" refillable lighter

Price: $0.99

Camel Filters Lighter - EXCELLENT - COOL

Price: $19

Zippo Urusei Yatsura The Return of Lum Brass Plating Both Side Etching Japan F/S

Price: $129

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Lighters

Price: $37.28

Zippo Lucky Carp Tribal Tattoo Japan Silver Edge Leutor Etching F/S Oil Lighter

Price: $99

Zippo Gold Carp Ion Mat Black Plating 2-sides Etching F/S Japan Limited Wagara

Price: $109

Zippo Tribal Tattoo Lucky Carp Japan Gold Edge Leutor Etching F/S Oil Lighter

Price: $109

Zippo Arabesque Both Sides Etching Gold Plating Japan Limited Gold Tank F/S Rare

Price: $119

John Wayne "Hondo" Zippo Lighter

Price: $52.14

DOUGLASS Cigarette Oil Lighter Field S Marine Camouflage Design

Price: $149

Aliens Uscm Colonial Marines Corporal Hick Lighter Savanna Bronica

Price: $199.90

Jobon Metal Smoking Pipe Lighter Normal Flame Cigarette Cigar Butane Gas

Price: $9.39

Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour - Blaze Orange

Price: $19.21

Djeep Marilyn Monroe Cigarette Lighter lot of 3 made in France

Price: $9.99

LUBINSKI Red&Black Finish Cigar Lighter Sharp Cutter Scissor Set

Price: $39.99

Old Salt Pepper Lighter Nutend Spice and Lite Set Siver Plated By Cory with Box

Price: $5.99


Price: $2.99

Vintage Golden Wheel Lift Arm Deco Watch Lighter Rare For Parts or Restoration

Price: $44.99

Vintage International Association of Machinists Ronson Typhoon Pocket Lighter

Price: $12.99

Vintage Ronson Varaflame Made in France Butane Pocket Cigarette Lighter LOOK!!

Price: $19.99

8" beaker bong water pipe rig thick glas (made is usa) FREE clipper lighter RAW7

Price: $39.58

Pilot USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter Other N Does Not Contain a Battery

Price: $18

Vintage Trick Zippo Mazinger Z Rocket Punch Metal Japan Limited F/S Super Rare

Price: $189

Vintage Zippo Mazinger Z Metal Nickel Satin Japan Limited F/S Super Rare Anime

Price: $189

Zippo Lighter - Street Chrome Multicolor EA N

Price: $23.94

Dual Torch Flame Insert Lighter Refillable Butane Windproof Zippo Flip Top White

Price: $14.06

1Pc creative guitar shaped jet flame torch cigarette lighter NO GAS US

Price: $1.76

Lubinski Orange Small Gun Torch Jet Flame Cigar Cigarette lighter

Price: $0.99

Jobon Electronic Lighter ZB-576 USB Rechargeable Same Slim with iphone6 Smart IC

Price: $25.56

COHIBA Grey Transparency Wind Proof 3 Torch Jet Flame Cigar Cigarette Lighter

Price: $15.99


Price: $12

Finger Easy Butane Lighter Lightweight Easy Finger Handling - Gold New

Price: $20.96

Plasma Electric Dual Arc Fusion Lighter USB Rechargeable Flameless Windproof PRO

Price: $18.35

Biggo Tobacco Pipe Lighter Matte W/ 2 Extra Flint House Supply Distinctive Click

Price: $9.19

Vintage Authentic Zippo Gold Lighter Brass Finish

Price: $8.95

Jim Beam Zippo Lighter

Price: $16.50

Vintage Stinker Stations Penguin's Lighter

Price: $25

Vintage Camel Lighter In Working Condition

Price: $11.99

Spider BELT BUCKLE with LIGHTER Built In -Completely Hidden CHROME Finish BUC09

Price: $9.99

Harley Davidson Lighter

Price: $11.56

Zippo Satin Chrome Lighter Pocket 205 NEW

Price: $12.99

Automatic Cigarette Case With Lighter Brown Cigarette Case Smoke Accessories

Price: $16.95

wall lenk turbo-lite torch lighter

Price: $19.46

Zippo Custom Lighter - Native American Indian Chief Art Sketch White Matte

Price: $47.71

Vintage Rubin Gas Desk Lighter Made In Western Germany

Price: $9.95

Zippo XV Lighter 1999 made in USA

Price: $12.95

Vintage Storm King Gold Colored Engraved Lighter Murfreesboro, TN USA

Price: $9.95

Zippo 2004497 Gear Wheels

Price: $54.56


Price: $25

Atomic USB Electronic Lighter DOUBLE Dual Flameless Plasma Rechargeable MixColor

Price: $22.82

Vintage Ronson Crown Table Top Lighter

Price: $39.99

Military Fire Starter Aviation Spark-Lite #B3

Price: $16

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Cigarette Smoking Case Flame Lighter Beautiful Box NIB V.2

Price: $8

G8 Muay Thai Lady Best Fights Cigarette Smoking Case Flame Lighter Beautiful Box

Price: $8

2 zippo lighters with buffalo nickel heads

Price: $0.99

Sarome Rare Swarovski lighter.

Price: $109

New Authentic Supreme Diamond Cut Silver Zippo Lighter FW17 BOGO Box Logo

Price: $109

Zippo Full House Emblem Pocket Lighter, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Chrome Full Hous

Price: $46.65

Zippo Custom Lighter - Vintage Windy Lady Fusion - High Polish Chrome

Price: $47.71


Price: $26.95

DOUGLASS Cigarette Oil Lighter Field S Desert Camouflage Design

Price: $149

Zippo Deep Carved Assassins Creed Armor High Polish Chrome Pocket Lighter

Price: $49

camel pinup girl matches

Price: $15.06